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Ways to Vote

Mail-in Voting

All Ohio voters whose registration information is up-to-date can vote in any election with a mail-in ballot. Voters must fill out and return a signed application, then the mail-in ballot will be sent to the voter’s registered address. The mail-n ballot must be returned to the Montgomery County Board of Elections by 7:30pm on Election Day.

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Early Voting

All Ohio voters may cast their ballot prior to Election Day, this includes in-person voting at the Montgomery County Board of Elections. The Ohio early voting schedule begins twenty-nine days before an election.

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Election Day

Every year, there are multiple opportunities to vote for local, state, and federal candidates. They are typically held on the first Tuesday of the month, but special election years can change that schedule.

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Uniformed and
Overseas Citizens

Living outside of the United States does not mean you lose your right to vote. Whether you are in the U.S. Armed Services or working internationally, voting in elections is still available.

Exercise Your Right

Special Case Voting

Individuals that are physically unable to enter a polling location or anyone that encounters an emergency on election day, are able to utilize special accommodations to ensure they are still able to exercise their right to vote.

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Other Helpful Links

The Board of Elections is here to help. Whether you are a citizen or a candidate, we provide the information you need to participate in Ohio elections.