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Training: Polling Location Supervisor (PLS)

Training Instructions:

1. Watch all training videos below
2. Complete quiz at the end of the page
3. Click here to access the PEO manual

If you have any questions about training or election procedures, please email [email protected]

Monday Setup

Specifics for setup

November 2021 Training Format

Updates for this specific election.

Election Introduction

This training video will provide a basic overview of how elections work in Montgomery County.


Detailed description on what makes up the Secure Accurate Fair and Efficient (SAFE) voting system used by the MCBOE.

Election Equipment

A description of the equipment that will be used in the upcoming election.

Equipment Update Nov. 2021

Latest updates and changes made to our ExpressVotes (ballot marking devices).

Election Team

Description and responsibility for each member of the election team.

BOE Election Procedures

A step by step process that will be used on Election Day.

Special Situations

A list of special situations and circumstances Election Officials need to be prepared for on Election Day.

Covid 19 Procedures

Voter and Election Official safety is the top priority for the MCBOE. This video will train you in the procedures to be used and supplies available at every polling location.

De-Escalation Scenarios

The Secretary of State’s prescribed handling of various de-escalation situations.