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Precinct Election Officials

Become a Precinct Election Official – Recruiting Now!

Precinct Election Officials (PEOs) ensure that elections are conducted lawfully, safe, courteous and respectful manner. They work as a team to oversee elections at their assigned polling locations. Ohio law states that the county board of elections appoints four registered voters who reside in the county to serve as PEOs.


What happens on Election Day?

Voting on election day occurs at multiple locations throughout Montgomery County.  We will make every attempt to place you at a convenient location.

Polling Locations are staffed by a team of Precinct Election Officials who work together to execute a safe, flawless election for voters.

Each Polling Location will have one Polling Location Supervisor (PLS)

          • Sets up location the day before
          • Manages location, assigns tasks, on-site equipment troubleshooter
          • Receives extra training on equipment & procedures
          • Has additional duties and responsibility for opening & closing the polling location
          • Manages election data & materials

Each Precinct assigned to a Polling Location has the following Precinct Team members

  • Four Precinct Election Officials (PEOs)
    • Two Republicans & Two Democrats
  • One Official acts as the Voting Location Manager (VLM)
    • Mandated by Ohio Revised Code
    • Serves as a “Group Leader” for their assigned precinct
    • Party of Voting Manager is determined by which candidate for governor in the last gubernatorial election received the most votes in that precinct
    • An additional stipend will be added to your check

Worker Qualification

In order to truly safeguard the democratic process, we hire poll workers to staff and operate polling locations. To qualify as a poll worker, you must be:

  • A registered voter in Montgomery County
  • Someone who enjoys working with people
  • 18 years of age by the date of the election, or be a participant in our Youth at the Booth Program
  • Attend a training session.

Your duties will include:

  • Reporting to the Polling Location assigned at 5:45 a.m. and serve until all duties are completed after the closing of the polls
  • Prepare the Polling Location
  • Verify Voter eligibility
  • Process Voters
  • Issue ballots to Voters
  • Pack up all supplies after the polls close at 7:30 p.m.
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