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Sample Ballot

Ballots can also be accessed by a specific voter by looking self up at the link below which also give the voter the opportunity to:

  • Find your sample ballot, without having to know which precinct you live in
  • Sample ballots are for informational purposes only * Sample Ballots cannot be used to vote*
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Helpful Links

  • Print an Absentee request (with MUCH of the data filled in already)
  • Apply to become a Poll Worker (with MUCH of the data filled in already)
  • Find the sample ballot for you, without having to know which precinct you live in
  • Check your Absentee ballot status
  • See your own precinct map
  • Get an interactive link to a map showing the route from the voter’s registered address to their polling location
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Election Calendar

Elections in the state of Ohio happen twice a year, with the exception of special elections. To ensure that all citizens can exercise their right to vote, we make sure that we have an updated calendar at all times, including absentee and early voting times.

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Election Day Workers

It takes a community to make sure that our elections run smoothly. We are always looking for citizens that want to help with this important task. If you want to become a poll worker, we have all the information you need.

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What happens after Election Day is as important as what happens during the day. The ballots are audited to ensure that there is an accurate count of the votes and all proper procedures were followed.

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Other Helpful Links

The Board of Elections is here to help. Whether you are a citizen or a candidate, we provide the information you need to participate in Ohio elections.