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Your campaign consists of a variety of moving parts, all working together towards a successful conclusion. The links provided can be used in multiple ways to help the candidate with their campaigning needs.

November 3, 2020 Presidential Election Absentee Mailing Schedule

Absentee ballot mailing data will be uploaded to our website on the following upload dates. The mail date is the actual day the ballots are delivered to the post office.

*Please follow the link below to see the uploaded data

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Upload Date

  1. October – 1st & 3rd
  2. October – 8th
  3. October – 12th
  4. October – 15th

*Daily starting October 19th

Mail Date

  1. October – 6th
  2. October – 9th
  3. October – 13th
  4. October – 16th

*Daily starting October 19th

GIS File Download

From city streets to wooded trails, there is a variety of environments in Montgomery County. Knowing how they all interact, and how they can impact the people of the county, can inform you of what opportunities lay in your district.

*These files are located on the Montgomery County Auditor’s GIS download page, please follow the link to access this page.

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